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I’m Chris Hoffert and I am an award winning film director and writer. While directors and writers are a dime a dozen these days I am what they call a “diamond in the rough.” My work ethic, tenacity, ambition, and exceptional potential is what sets me apart from my contemporaries. I am exceptionally skilled with taking the least and making the most of it which makes me a financial asset to any production I work on because I believe that every penny spent needs to be worth its weight in gold. Because of my unique abilities to film more and spend less my films cost half to a quarter than what others would spend to achieve the same results. My capacity to turn out highly regarded grindhouse style westerns for fractions of a budget has earned me the nickname “The Sergio Leone of Montana” by my Hollywood mentors.

I have been doing filmmaking for the last 15 years. My strengths are in directing, editing, sound design, cinematography, and script writing. My impeccable storytelling capabilities both through writing and creative direction has been showcased in various projects from personal to commercial work I have done and will continue as such given my flair for also going above and beyond what is expected of me. Since 2004 I have primarily worked in the indie film sector and have written, directed, and produced over 40 digital audio/video projects with both personal and commercial titles under my belt and I am always looking for the next ambitious challenge to tackle

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